CRM and Marketing Automation Integration

Your CRM and your marketing automation system are very powerful tools, and their sum is greater than the parts if they are properly integrated and leveraged. As sales and marketing organizations and their systems have… Read More

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lists

Like the real-estate motto of “location, location, location,” I feel the marketing automation motto should be should be “list, list, list.” You can spend all the time in the world searching for the right marketing… Read More

Test your Sales and Marketing Relationship

It’s true—sales and marketing don’t always agree. But a little more communication and close collaboration can help your teams avoid counseling and reap the benefits of a harmonious relationship.

Take this Read More

A Client’s Journey—What, How, and Why?

We talk a lot about journeys in our business, usually in the context of a “customer or buyer’s journey” or a “project roadmap.” Broadly speaking, a journey can be defined as a passage or progress from one stage… Read More

EBrief: What exactly IS lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is an ongoing, continual process. It’s not a one-shot deal, and every nurture is unique. Good nurtures are the opposite of shotgun-style marketing; they are carefully constructed with a variety of… Read More

How to Handle the Project Black Hole

Let’s face it. We have all had a project or three that, once turned over to the requester for approval, falls into the Project Black Hole. You know that project: the one the requester hands to you and says it is a quick turn.… Read More

Operationalizing The Demand Funnel

Join DemandGen for an exclusive “In the Spotlight” webinar featuring Kevin Marasco, CMO of HireVue, and learn how he operationalized his Demand Funnel to improve pipeline and get results. Kevin will showcase … Read More