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8 Buckets for Successful Lead Nurturing

February 14, 2013  |  Katie Drake

DemandGen’s President and CEO, David Lewis, recently talked about how to use content to move leads through the middle of the funnel, drive revenue, and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive industry. His insights fall into 8 major buckets: 1. Listen to Your Customers Initially, we developed thought leadership content that talk about best practices [...]

Using Personas in Database Segmentation

February 21, 2012  |  Katie Drake

In our last post we talked about developing buyer personas, and offered a template to help guide you through that process. If you’ve taken a look at our examples—Gary the mortgage broker, and Maria the loan processor—you’ve begun to understand the kind of very useful information that you can gain from the buyer persona. Now [...]

Building “Character” With a Buyer Persona

January 31, 2012  |  Tiffanie Lewis

Building a buyer persona for marketing is much like developing a character for a novel or a movie—the difference is that you’re not really making anything up from scratch! Your buyers already exist. You’re just defining the specifics as a single, “average” person. When you first sit down to work on persona development, it can [...]

Segmentation: Are You Using Personas?

January 10, 2012  |  Tiffanie Lewis

When my husband answers the phone at home, I can often tell who’s calling just by the way he speaks to the caller. Like most people, he speaks differently to different categories of people: a friend, a colleague, our dog’s vet, and so on. Even within categories his tone and choice of words can differ; [...]